ACTING THINGS IV a project by Judith Seng
The dance part of the experiment is developed through an evolving cooperation between dancer Barbara Berti and Judith Seng. ACTING THINGS IV will be performed by Barbara Berti, Julian Weber and Team Studio Judith Seng
ACTING THINGS – Material Flow has been commissioned for as the fourth in a series of experiments which investigates the making of objects through the performing arts in order to unveil the aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions of production processes. By looking at production as a dance, a play, a social ritual, ACTING THINGS  explores means of making beyond efficiency and result orientation.
Material Flow stages a poetic evolution of material, movement and objects over the course of Design Miami/ Basel – seven days, eight hours a day. Throughout the fair, dancers will engage in a free-flowing dialogue with material to create objects that express a unique process of making and a continuous cycle of fabrication and dissolution triggered by a continuous flow of material. A series of objects will be created each day to signify a complete cycle of production, only to be broken down the next day and translated into a different body of work, enabling new moments of creation again and again.

Basel, Switzerland – June 13, 2013 – On day three of  Design Miami/ Basel 2013 Design Talks, Daniel Arsham and Judith Seng revealed the rich past, present and future of dance and design through a discussion of their collaborations with Merce Cunningham, Jonah Bokaer and Barbara Berti.

a project by Judith Seng
With: Barbara Berti (Tänzerin)
Sandrine Mazan, Francois Duquesnoy (Assistenz)

Project by Judith Seng
Performer: Barbara Berti
Crafts & Szenogtaphy



An exhibition at depot Basel gives insight into the ongoing project ACTING THINGS showing two experiments alongside a video of a traditional dance which has been performed for generations every 1st of May in the South of Germany. During the so-called „Bandltanz“ a woven structure is created by the choreography of the dancers.
The second experiment investigates the interplay between forms of movement and of material and how both develop like a dialogue, reacting and depending upon each other. The exhibition shows several encounters between a dancer and a material, from which the actual objects for the exhibition will be generated over time.
The ongoing project ACTING THINGS confronts the making of an object with elements from the performing arts and examines the aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions of creation processes. These processes are observed as a system in which material and form become mutually dependent: the material which is to be processed generates a performance which then in turn will shape the material.

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